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"We care about every body!"

Here at Genocorp, we provide specialized treatments for each individual patient to cater to their own personal needs! Your comfort, care, and cure are important to us!

The Forgotten Files

Post apocalyptic hunters came across classified files hidden away in the facility’s vaults: The medical records of the mutated Genomorph patients under GenoCorp’s experiments. They took the files in the attempt to find each and every one of them to try to save them…but many that did, did not survive. The fate of humanity rests on their shoulders as they strive to uncover the secrets, find a way to stop the Genomorphs, and bring an end to the reign of terror initiated by GenoCorp.


#01 Thomas J. Hardy- “Patient Zero”

The very first patient accepted into GenoCorp’s rehabilitation program, and the first to suffer under trial and error experiments. Suffered from a rare bone deficiency causing irregular growth, as of current records has grown to be about six feet tall with the potential to grow taller. Also suffers from a rapid disease brought on by unknown causes, giving him feral and animalistic characteristics.


#02  Taylor Kovacs- “Sugar Fuel”

Diabetic suffering from low blood sugar and frequent fainting spells. She was tested with a series of injections meant to balance her blood sugar, only turning into a surge of adrenaline-powered fuel making her actions chaotic, unpredictable, and dangerous. Each injection fluid is different than the first…and they all have different outcomes.


#03 Delilah Fairbanks- “Eye Growths”

Blind girl is given the promise to see again with a new pair of eyes. Several prototypes were created and tested but none worked. She was put under a new experiment to grow a new pair of eyes… which resulted in the overgrowth of working, functioning eyes all over her body, seeing everything and anything no one else could.


#04 Penny Rose-“Manic Panic”

Receptionist working on the public side of the GenoCorp facility with an upbeat and perky personality…though is a victim herself. She was put under a brainwashing medication to keep her happy and enthusiastic, but with undertones of manipulation with a short temper.


#05 Joanne Statson- “Pain Guard”

Head nurse who always handled the cases when they were at their worst. She always wore a toolbelt holding every kind of pill, syringe, and medical tool to use on anyone at any time. Since patients lashed out violently, she was under a skin medication to make her able to withhold pain and almost be completely invincible. This caused her an increase in aggression as well as mistreatment.


#06 Alex Whitman- “Zombie”

Eating disorder turned complete opposite from someone on a religious hunger strike. Was put under heavy medication to increase metabolism, only their appetite now included wanting to consume everything—and everyone—in their sight.


#07 Claire Carmichael-“Pore Treatment”

Former beauty model and the first for an all-new skin treatment of cleansing the pores. This treatment caused her pores to expand and keep expanding, causing her to have open-sore holes all over her body that have become infected and contagious.

Written by Jackie Sonnenberg, Tales of Terror Creative

Concept & Character creation by Ash Nikki & Jackie Sonnenberg

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