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The Backstory


In the year 2040 Dr. Cornelius Pinski started a pharmaceutical conglomerate known as GenoCorp, which was meant to be the one place to solve every sickness and disease under one roof. In the years to come GenoCorp delivered this promise, making people believe that they were going to eliminate illnesses forever. Word spread, reaching a PHD candidate in cybernetics and genetic coding from Moscow University named Dr. Dragan Viktrov. He was removed for ethnic violations, and then offered a job from Dr. Pinksi in the United States…

Under the guise of medical advancements and promises of a better future, Dr. Pinski and his new partner Dr. Viktrov conducted illegal and unethical experiments in a secret laboratory. The experiments resulted in one failure after another with each only getting worse. Instead of curing each patient’s ailment or disease, Dr. Pinski’s patients started to develop geno-morphic mutations as a result of their disabilities.

The patients, known as "Genomorphs," unleashed horrors marking the beginning of an apocalyptic nightmare. The noxious chemicals they became infected with were airborne, soon spreading throughout the facility that eventually spread throughout the country. They turned on all staff members of GenoCorp, including Dr. Pinski who was tortured to death for his experiments, and those that survived only became mutated themselves. Now, the spirits of the fallen and the tortured echo through the halls, while the surviving Genomorphs lurk in the shadows, their hunger for destruction unyielding.

The only known unaffected survivor is Dr. Viktrov, who only decided to follow in Dr. Pinski’s footsteps and continue his work. Soon the Genomorphs only multiplied, each experiment more hideous than before and a deadly pandemic sweeping the nation.

Meanwhile, as Dr. Viktrov grew mad with power, a team of hunters had set out to search for a cure for the widespread panic…and they uncovered Genocorp’s secret headquarters instead, the very source of the post-apocalyptic nightmare. They found the secret lab when they encountered Genomorphs that got out of their holding cells…an act they were not sure was accidental. After successfully taking the creature down, they were able to find the entrance and enter. Within the depths, the hunters discovered terrifying hidden truths about GenoCorp's illegal experimentation and monstrous creations. They unearthed evidence of the corporation's twisted plans for world domination and the devastating consequences of their unchecked ambitions.

Their photos were found four years later. They were not.

By Jackie Sonnenberg, Tales of Terror creative 

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2022 Haunted Trail

Deep in the Florida bayou stands this isolated wasteland.

Will you survive the carnage filled compound of sadistic killers or become imprisoned with a fate worse than death?


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